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GTA 5 Android is a video game known throughout the world. Having enjoyed great commercial success since its first release, this video game takes you on his adventures. You can participate in robberies, steal cars and many other actions are key. A must-see game, recommended at least 18 years old. The fifth edition of GTA 5 Android was first released on the Playstation 3 as well as on the Xbox 360. The release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One has allowed creators to develop their presence in the video game market, just before the PC output. This version of Grand theft auto V (GTA 5 apk) on PC has long been expected by players, but the wait was worth it. Indeed, the 4K display is available and the Rockstar editor is present. Fantastic ! Getting notes, after tests, around 20/20, big theft auto V is a real success on PC. The PC version does not have many differences with that on home consoles. It's exactly the same story and the online world with 30 players is also available. The only difference is the arrival of the Rockstar Editor. Thanks to this function, you will be able to capture game sequences and create what you want afterwards. This allows you to develop your creativity. You can also take the place of a director and make a montage by choosing the unlocked characters you want. You do not risk getting tired of big theft auto V. Long hours of play are waiting for you. Some new features also concerning the loading time on PC which is considerably reduced. The game also turns out to be very fluid with around 60 frames per second. The advantage of the game also lies in the fact that it runs on most computers, the configuration required for its operation is not greedy. Do you know what is the biggest novelty of the PC game? The ability to control three players for the very first time in GTA's history. So you can play with Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Each character has specific skills that will help you progress in the game. Each character can also improve his own abilities by training. For example, if you run your character frequently, you will realize that his stamina will be significantly improved. When you are on a mission, you obviously can not change your character as you wish. However, if you are off-duty, simply press one button to move your character to the next in about twenty seconds. 70 missions await you in grand theft auto v. The robberies are one of the main assets of the game. Indeed, they really involve the player who must make strategic choices, recruit reinforcements and prepare his attack in order to succeed. Some missions are to realize before being able to make a robbery, but it remains always so exciting.

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